Tina Fey wants children to avoid acting career

Los Angeles: Actress-writer Tina Fey says she wants her daughters to avoid acting as a career option and rather urges them to consider being a writer.

The 43-year-old has two daughters, Alice, seven, and 22-month-old Penelope with husband Jeff Richmond.

The "30 Rock" star wants them to pursue a behind the scenes career if they want to follow in her footsteps in TV because she thinks writing is just as important as acting.

"I once showed Alice a clip from the Broadway production of a `Little Mermaid`. About five seconds in, she pointed to one of the actresses saying, `I want to be her,`" contactmusic.com quoted Fey as saying.

"I was saying, `Oh no honey, you don`t want to be her, you want to be the person who writes the lines she says," she said.