Tips to dress up this Halloween!

Check out these tips on how to dress up for Halloween!

Tips to dress up this Halloween!
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New Delhi: It can sometimes be a struggle to dress for Halloween, which falls on October 31. All you need to do is a little bit of searching and mix-match stuff in your wardrobe, says an expert.

Lubeina Shahpurwala, Partner, Mustang Socks, gives some tips on how to dress up for Halloween and have fun:

* Don't keep it simple: A blast from the past is just something you should be looking for. Halloween is all about being the wackiest in the party. 

Accessories will be your key to nailing the look -- with a shocking pink or an electric blue dress with funky yellow socks and heels.

* A little bit of paint is just going to do the trick for you: It's time to finally bring out those old paints and your artistic side too. 

Paint all you want on your body just because it's allowed on this day and is not weird at all.

* Back in time: Take out those old hats/ caps that you may have kept away buried in your closet. Revamp the look with some morbid designs such as skulls or cobwebs painted on them. 

Use florescent paints to make angry scary eyes which will stand out when you enter the dark.

* Paint your nails and sock up your feet: Spooky nails with weird colours and funky weird socks are just something you'd want to wear this Halloween.

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