Tips to stay happier at work

Washington: Experts have offered a few tips on how one can make his or her occupation and workplace more enjoyable.

Tom and Dian Griesel, the co-founders of ‘The Business School of Happiness’ (, studied various ways people can improve satisfaction with their lives including their hours on the job.

The two offered the following considerations:

Make a list of the steps you can take to become more productive and carry them out.

Focus on the most important task at hand and attempt to finish it before moving on.

Avoid all Internet surfing while on company time.

Avoid chit-chat beyond what’s necessary to be social; save gossip for breaks or lunch.

Restrict your personal business to your personal time; if you have no exciting personal interests, you need to become more active and "get a life".

Tom also says that lack of sleep will definitely hamper one’s mood, so at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep is required every night to recharge one’s system, so one can perform well.

And Dian says that improving one’s diet is also critical, as a better diet will improve one’s mood for both physiological and psychological reasons.

And the most important thing says the Griesels is to count your blessings, as in the current economic environment, the fact that one is employed should have a positive impact on one’s mood, even if the person does not believe the current occupation is the ideal one.


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