Tom Cruise `doing everything he can` to keep Suri in Scientology

New York: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ amicable divorce and custody agreement is a sham, as the actor is ready to spend every cent of his wealth to induct daughter Suri into Scientology, it has been revealed.

According to sources, the ‘Mission Impossible’ star and devout Scientologist has concocted an evil, long-range plan to indoctrinate the couple’s 6-year-old daughter into the wacky cult.

Another source said that the actor had already subjected her to a creepy Scientology “audit.”

“Tom will do whatever it takes to make sure he comes out on top,” the New York Post quoted a source as telling Star magazine.

“Everything is going on the line - the homes, the jets, the money in the bank. He’s worth up to 250 million dollars, and he’s made it clear that he’s willing to spend every last cent fighting for Suri,” the source said.

A bitter 50-year-old Cruise had told friends that he had been caught off guard and felt betrayed by the 33-year-old actress’ sudden demand for a divorce after splitting from their Hollywood mansion to set up house in a posh Chelsea pad.

“What really shocks him is how meticulously she planned this divorce, when all the while she was telling him she loved him. He’s devastated by that, and that devastation has turned into anger,” a source said.

According to sources, the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star is every bit as determined to keep her beloved daughter away fromCruise’s Scientology cohorts - who had been trying to take more and more control of the child’s life, sources told US magazine.

“Tom was beginning to audit Suri behind [Holme’s] back,” the source said, referring to the Scientology practice that supposedly cured people of any mental and emotional problems and set them on a path to enlightenment.

While a Cruise representative denied that charge, Holmes wasn’t taking any chances.

“You get asked really intense things [during auditing] - and Suri is only 6! Katie saw a difference in Suri,” the source said.

The shocking disclosures came just two days after the couple had issued a joint statement announcing a settlement of their split.


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