Tom Cruise`s lawyers compare Jewish and gay journalists to cotton-picking slaves

ANI| Updated: Nov 15, 2013, 17:32 PM IST

Washington: Tom Cruise`s legal team has compared Jewish and gay journalists to cotton-picking slaves working on a plantation.

The statement was made following a deposition by the Editor-in-Chief of In Touch and Life and Style, Dan Wakeford, who had said that claims by the 51-year-old actor that Bauer has an anti-Semitic and Nazist corporate culture were ludicrous as several staff members were Jewish and/or gay.

Cruise`s attorneys responded to his position by likening it to a plantation owner claiming that he was not racist even though everyone picking his cotton was black, Radar Online reported.

Lawyers for the German-based publisher cited the quote in a November 12 filing as an alleged example of `Top Gun` star`s inability to perceive any boundaries to logic or taste.