Tory MP’s Brazilian wife worked as a prostitute

London: A Tory MP has come into the spotlight after his Brazilian wife, who he was married to for seven years, was exposed as a GBP 70-an-hour prostitute.

Mike Weatherley, 53, who came to power with Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this year, wept when he was confronted, and said that he was shocked to find out that his wife Carla, 39, was a prostitute.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Carla, who is alleged to have worked as a prostitute in her native Brazil before marrying Weatherley, had been working in three different “massage parlours”, under the names Bea, Adriana and Bianca.

“I like it here, nice clients, nice people, nice place and good money,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling the Sunday Mirror.

Weatherley is understood to have met her in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on a work trip, and they married in Brighton in 2003.

He insists that he has been separated from his wife since February this year, and that they remain good friends, but he had no idea of her profession.

“I am still very shocked by the news and am trying to come to terms with it,” he said.

“I do have proof that we have been separated since February which I can show if needed.”

“I will speak to Carla but today I just need to be with my family,” he sobbingly added.

But as news of his wife’s work emerged, sources described Weatherley as “a bit of a party boy who loves his women”.

“He was a guest on a BBC show following the election and could not keep his eyes off a leggy Russian. After the show was over he made a beeline straight for her and asked her out for a drink,” a source revealed.