Tourism Australia plans to target rich middle-class Indians

Canberra: Australia`s tourism industry is set to announce a new plan to target and attract the rich middle class population of India.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, tourism operators will be asked to help develop a ten-year plan to win a bigger share of the booming market in India.

Tourism Australia boss Andrew McEvoy said he wants to drive a more focused approach to gaining more business from India’s wealthy middle class.

“We’ve obviously had a long-term strategy in China which is really paying dividends now with 26 per cent growth this year off the back of 24 per cent growth last year,” the paper quoted McEvoy, as saying.

“But one of the things I’ll announce today is that we want to have a really good look at India,” he said.

“India is another market with a growing middle class and people who are desiring things like travel as they build life’s resume, and I think Australia is high on their list,” he added.

McEvoy said that by 2020 there would be 100 million Chinese and 50 million Indians travelling on holidays.

“So one of the things I want to say today is that as we did with China, we need a 10-year plan and a 10-year approach to really capitalise on the Indian market as well,” he added.

McEvoy also pointed out that the Australian government has been working very closely in India at diplomatic level for a number of years, but it is now the right time to take efforts to the next level.


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