Troy Polamalu`s hair insured for $1m

Washington: Head and Shoulders has insured the famous ringlets of Pittsburgh Steelers` Troy Polamalu for a whopping 1 million dollars.

The shampoo brand has come up with Lloyds of London policy protecting their spokesperson Polamalu`s hair.

"It`s like JLo`s insured butt!" People mag quoted Polamalu`s as joking after learning about his own insurance policy.

Polamalu`s curls are a rage amongst women and men across.

"One guy in particular... is stealing all of my Head & Shoulder products," he laughed.

Taking 45 minutes pregame to care for his hair has become a ritual for the all-pro safety, who explained, "It`s correlated to what a warrior in the past would do to prepare for war."

"You have the Mongolians, the Japanese Samurai, the Spartans-all of these warriors with long hair...and in that way you can almost get into the mind-way, preparing for some type of battle when you are doing your hair," he said.


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