Tweeples go hilarious on Twitter over Petrol price hike

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The social media has helped people to get a platform to share their views on topics that trend on a daily basis.

If you were wondering the latest Petrol price hike news could only depress people, then you were wrong. The incredible petrol price hike has indeed helped people unearth their humourous sides. So much so that we reckon that people who are proactive on social media can think of an alternate career by turning into professional witty one-line churners!

Here’s taking a look at some of the hilarious takes on the price rise that had otherwise compelled you to contemplate selling away your vehicle:

A parody account of the Prime Minister’s office on Twitter wrote, “Stop cribbing about #Petrol you morons. Narendra Modi will trigger riots, so vote for Congress and pay Rs 7.50 more(sic),” and added, “Please note: now guv employees are accpeting bribe in form of #Petrol. RT and create awareness(sic).”

@avinashbhat01 : After exhorbitat Rs 7.50 hike #Petrol price Rajnikanth to invent a a Dosa powered car & bike. UPA cant tax Dosa!

@DelhiLovesBuses : Humein kuch nahi chahiye. Bus Baratiyon ka swagat 1 balti #petrol se kariye...... Nahi! #SavefuelUseBus

@sanjujangid : Aam Aadmi - Avoid Girlfriends it saves 90% #petrol ;) Rs 7.50

@brijeshsai : Put a Viagra pill in your #Petrol Tank,at least the petrol indicator will stay up

@NirmalKaur13 : Finally, its gonna be a dream come true ? All gals` dream man will come on a white horse!;;) All thanks to the #petrol price hike! #lol

@sortof_me #petrol : could be the breakthrough medicine for obesity now? #letswalk

@Kameenzada : Breaking news ....Muthoot Finance scraps Gold Loan Scheme .... Launches Petrol Loan Scheme !!!!!! #PETROL

@abhijitmajumder : This Rs 7.50 #petrol hike is UPA`s new friend Samajwadi Party`s conspiracy to bring cycle back in vogue

@prashanthbhat : Opposition parties don`t have to call for a bandh against hike in #petrol prices. People will anyway stay indoors tomorrow onwards!

@karinasood : #Petrol jokes aren`t Fuel Proof Anymore!

@gsurya : #Petrol price hike by Rs 7.50 again shows only Congress takes tough decisions in national interest, unlike how BJP capitulated at Kandahar.

@sjsuspartan : #Petrol Might be hiked Rs. 4..CNG kit in my i20 in next 5 days..:) #srk chor hai. No relation for SRK with petrol,but like to abuse him

@rameshsrivats : I am happy to announce that #petrol prices have been stable for the last 9 hours.

@tanuj_garg : For once I love Mamata didi. She is going to demand a rollback of the #petrol hike. If she succeeds I am volunteering to give her a hug! :)