Twitter, Facebook joining hands to link users’ accounts

London: Social networking giant Facebook is now working on a feature, which will help its users to channel their profile directly to a linked Twitter account.

The change will be a notable one, given the fact that presently Facebook users can connect to Twitter only through Facebook pages that are specifically meant for bands, businesses, and celebrities and other public personalities.

Facebook has said linking will be coming “soon” but gave no specific date, the BBC reports.

The mention of the forthcoming connection to Twitter came as Facebook unveiled its “subscription” system that works in a similar fashion to Twitter``s “follower” feature.

Those who subscribe to a Facebook page will automatically be informed when its owner publishes his/her ‘public update’.

The feature changes the dynamic of Facebook, which before now has been about sharing updates with users deemed to be their “friends”.

By subscribing, Facebook members will be able to see the public activities of almost any of its 600 million users.

The changes are seen as responses to the success of the Google + social network that makes it easier to send updates to other places.