Twitteratis blast Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson

London: Kristen Stewart, who has publicly apologized to her long-term love Robert Pattinson for philandering with Rupert Sanders, has been grilled badly by her boyfriend’s twitter fans.

A twitter user has gone to the extent of calling the actress a “B*tch” and a “sl*t”, a leading daily has reported.

"Every woman in the world hates you right now,” a user tweeted.

"Kristen had ROBERT freaking PATTINSON and you CHEAT,” posted @karleigh

"Kristen Stewart you are such a sl*t! How could you cheat on Robert? B*tch,” @paola_garcia7 tweeted.

While many tweets targeted the actress, some users thought that the focus should be on married father-of-two, Sanders.

"While a lot of people are angry at Kristen for cheating on Robert, I feel disgusted at the married director who allowed it to happen. Ugh,” @KatDeCastro posted.


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