Two thirds of working mums rely on ‘Team Mum’ to juggle their busy lives

London: A new survey has found that 67 per cent of working mums believe they would have to give up their jobs if they didn’t receive help from a network of family and friends, dubbed ‘Team Mum’.

Mums call on their support network, a close-knit circle of up to ten close friends and family, to help out juggle their busy lives, according to the survey carried out by Tesco Baby.

Their own mothers are the first port of call in emergencies, while friends, neighbours and other children’s mums are also likely to be on hand when needed.

The survey also found that having a close support network saves the average mum 140 pounds a month in childcare costs.

“Mums work incredibly hard and it’s only natural that they rely on other people to help them out,” the Daily Mail quoted Lorna Dickinson, spokeswoman of Tesco, as saying.

“Juggling work, meal times, housework and various appointments can be difficult so having a trusted network of reliable people can make a difference,” she stated.

The study found mums typically enjoy ten hours of support from their network of friends and family, but one in 20 women has 31 hours of help every week.

Two thirds those who took part in the poll said their own mother was the one person they could not do without, and one third of women said their mother babysits their kids while they are at work.