UK: 3 in 10 at mercy of ‘neighbours from hell’

London: More than five million people in the UK are suffering due to the anti-social behaviour of their annoying neighbours, according to research.

According to a study conducted by consumer group Which?, three in ten Brits are struggling to cope with noisy neighbours whose anti-social behaviour can range from violent arguments to playing music at full volume.

The study revealed that over ten million people have had a neighbour problem in the last year, the BBC reports.

The study found noise tops the list of neighbour complaints, with around three in five annoyed by loud voices or arguing, blaring music and TVs, while one in 20 have had to suffer the knocking, screams and shouts of their neighbours.

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd said people should try to discuss the problem calmly with neighbours to find a resolution.

“Three in ten Brits get annoyed with their neighbours. That so many people are losing sleep, getting stressed and struggling at work because of noise from next-door shows the damage this does,” said Lloyd.

As many as one in five respondents said the situation has been so bad that is has affected their health or work.

The study found that neighbours disturbed four in ten people’s sleep, while others complained that the noise made them irritable, angry or stressed.


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