UK Strip club set to release book on stripper slang

Updated: Jul 31, 2011, 17:43 PM IST

London: A lapdancing club in Britain is set to release a book on stripper slang.

The guide, which will help shed light on the lingo used in the world of strip clubs, includes BT, to describe a punter who is good to talk to, and See You Later, to describe an ugly customer.

“It’s a really different world inside lapdancing clubs but it’s a lot of fun,” the Daily Star quoted a spokesman for London club Secrets, who are making the book, as saying.

“This guide will give people a little taste of what the stripping world is like,” he stated.

The following terms are included in the book the strippers mostly use:

Bernie – An old, unattractive guy who has lots of money.

Bulb – A dull customer.

Fox – A very attractive customer.

Greyhound – A winner.

Leash – A customer with his wife or girlfriend is “on a leash”.

Marsh – To not look your best. Named after Jodie Marsh.

Peking Duck – A stingy customer, as in “tight as a duck’s arse”.

Scherzing – If a dancer looks amazing then she is Scherzing. Named after pop star Nicole Scherzinger.