UK worst place to live in Europe

London: A recent study has revealed that the UK and Ireland are the worst places to live in Europe while France is the best.

The research claimed that Brits enjoy fewer holidays and spend more for goods than almost all other similar countries.

Their food and diesel prices are the highest whereas drinks and smoke costs above average.

The Quality of Life Index showed that UK spending on health and education has plummeted and now ranks alongside Poland.

UK’s net household income was earlier highest but now it has dropped to fourth position with 37172 pounds.

Brits get the third fewest hours of sunshine a year ahead of only Ireland and Holland. Life expectancy is below the European average of 79.3.

"Last year Brits were miserable but rich. This year we’re miserable and poor. Whereas some countries work to live, in the UK consumers live to work," the Sun quoted Ann Robinson, Spokeswoman of, which organized the index comparing 16 factors in ten countries.

France topped the index for the second year in a row followed by Spain and Denmark bagged the third spot.