Understanding people special for Cheryl Cole

Los Angeles: Singer Cheryl Cole does not find the tag of being sexy special and says that her ability to see people`s heart is her special quality.

"I view people differently. It`s almost as if I can see people from the inside and that`s far more special to me," a website has quoted Cole as saying.

The 29-year-old said she does not see herself as sexy.

"I just don`t see myself like that. You know those `FHM (magazine`s) Sexy Women` or whatever. I don`t jump out of bed and frame them," she added.

The singer is rumoured to be writing her autobiography.

"I`m torn, the past 10 years have been incredible, the whole of my twenties. That would be amazing to put into words, and go into my 30s with a clean slate," she said.