US book giants censor Dossier mag featuring bare-chested Aussie ‘femiman’

Melbourne: US magazine stores have censored the latest edition of Dossier Journal magazine featuring Melbourne model Andrej Pejic taking off his shirt, saying he looks too feminine.

Barnes and Noble and Borders have covered the bare chest image with an opaque sleeve, deeming the cover page as being too racy.

According to them, the gender-bending ‘Broady boy’, with his long blond locks in curlers, could be mistaken by the readers as a shirtless woman.

"It`s a naked man on the cover of a magazine, which is done all of the time without being covered up, so I definitely don`t think it merits this, but I understand what it is," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Skye Parrott, Dossier’s creative director, as telling the Huffington Post.

"It seems that it probably made people uncomfortable. But that`s part of what`s interesting about the cover, I think, is that it`s playing with those ideas of gender roles. He``s topless, you can see that he``s a man, but if you look at his face, he looks like a woman and he``s so beautiful, " she added.

She stated that both the bookstores have placed the magazine copies in ‘opaque poly bags because even though they knew Pejic was a man, he looked too much like a woman, basically’.