Usher defends Justin Bieber`s careless behaviour

London: Rapper Usher, who has mentored teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, believes he behaves like a normal teenager and is trying his best to cope up with constant media pressure.

The 34-year-old feels that Bieber has been unfairly targeted, reported Contactmusic.

"I think all of us, in some way, have humble beginnings that pan out to be incredible and we hope that in his transition, as friends and family who have helped him be who he is, that he`ll continue to just mature.

"I am hoping for the best. I don`t look at as a negative though, I look at it as a teenager-he`s a teenager having to live his life in front of a camera. Imagine if you had to do that as a teenager," Usher said.

Bieber has been criticised for keeping his fans waiting for hours before his gigs, getting into fights with the paparazzi and constant partying.

"In this (day and) age of social media, there is no privacy and that kind of trial and elimination period is kind of done in front of a camera. Many other celebrities are product of it and some come out bad and some come out good," Usher added.

Usher said that Bieber is still a phone call away and he offers him advice whenever he needs it.