Victoria Beckham embarrassed by airbrushed photographs

Updated: Aug 24, 2013, 14:24 PM IST

London: Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham finds it embarrassing when her photographs are excessively airbrushed.

The 39-year-old former Spice Girl said that she doesn`t need to hide her age, reported Contactmusic.

"Normally in a fashion shoot you`d be plastered in makeup, in amazing clothes. I find it embarrassing when you don`t look like yourself, when you`ve had tons of retouching. I don`t want to be made to look like I`m 25, I`m 39. I don`t have any issues with my age," the fashionista said.

Victoria, who has just opened her own fashion headquarters in Battersea, London, said she has her eyes set on a huge empire following the successful launch of her e-commerce store last month.

"I just wanted to create beautiful clothes, good quality clothes I wanted to wear myself, and then I wanted to create handbags, because I couldn`t find the right handbag that I wanted to carry," she said.

"Then I couldn`t find the right sunglasses, so I decided to make my own sunglasses. I want to get bigger and bigger I absolutely want an empire," she added.

Meanwhile the designer, who is married to retired footballer David Beckham, is tipped to open a standalone Victoria Beckham boutique on Dover Street, in Mayfair London.