Victoria Beckham `feeling friendless` after moving back to London

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2013, 14:02 PM IST

Melbourne: Victoria Beckham is apparently determined to "rebuild friendships" in 2013.

The singer-turned-fashion designer and her family have moved back to the UK after their stint in America, following the end of David`s contract with soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy.

Although she loves being back in her home country, the former Spice Girl has started to realise she needs more female friendships in her life.

An insider told the British edition of Closer magazine that Victoria had a handful of close friends in LA, where she would get invites from other soccer wives and have play dates with a group of Hollywood mums. But, back in London, she feels a bit friendless , the Herald Sun reported.

Thus, the source says, she`s decided that this year, she`ll go easy on her work front and focus on her personal life and rebuilding friendships.

Victoria, who has always put her family before her fashion business, has reportedly started to think she might need to give other areas of her life some attention.

The source revealed that the brunette sometimes feels like, despite everything she`s achieved over the years, she`s failed somewhat because she doesn`t have many she can call her buddies as "some friendships have fallen by the wayside".

The insider said that she was in tears recently over the fact that she has lots of business people she considers acquaintances, but few people she can call to chat about personal stuff or meet for coffee and a gossip like she used to in LA.

She`s been upset and saying, `I`ve always put being a mum first, then a wife, then my career - and there`s been no time for me," the insider added.