‘Wake Up’ and vote!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor’s song ‘Wake Up, Sid’ has been chosen by the government to attract youth of the nation, asking them to come out and vote.

As a build-up activity to the National Voters’ Day, which falls today, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer launched a youth-based campaign, ‘Wake Up & Vote’.

Youth, considered to be the future of the nation, turns out to be least interested voter populace. It should be known that hardly 15-20% of people in the age of 18-19 are registered voters. Of the registered voters under the age of 25, very few participate in elections by casting a vote.

Ironically, illiterate or less literate people in villages or towns take part in voting in big numbers while the educated class resists coming out of their houses and standing in lines for voting.

According to government officials, the campaign aims to catch young voters through this popular youth anthem.