Warning signs of a troubled marriage

Warning signs of a troubled marriage
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We all have our ups and downs in our marriages. It's not easy.

However, rarely do we know that a beautiful marriage can turn out to be a total dud owing to a string of petty issues.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to realise beforehand that a marriage is on the brink of a deadly fall-out.

This is why, we bring to you a list of 'warning signs' of a troubled marriage, so you know when to act upon it and how. Take a look:

Digging up one's past: When your partner starts picking too much on you for your past and the arguments often ensue into troublesome verbal abusing and belittling of in-laws, know that it is a warning sign.

Too much jealousy: Married couples are not in college, they must know this. But this isn't just one aspect, there's also a lack of trust, and to top it, you can't even have confidence on your spouse. These are factors which may seem small at first but lead to serious complications.

Individual decision making: It could be affairs as simple as home's decoration to something as big as the financial decisions. Your spouse has chosen to keep you in dark about an important decision. This is not only a reason to feel hurt, but also a solid sign of a failing relationship.

Aversion to sex: Neither you or your spouse is keen for sex. Don't take it as an excuse for the day, if this becomes a repeated pattern, know troubles in marriage life are knocking on the door already.

Lack of meaningful communication: This is a warning sign absolutely glowing in red light. No relationship can turn out to be a success sans meaningful communication. And communication doesn't only mean verbal communication, but the little gestures that make a difference in a relationship!

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