Wedding blues? Top 10 reasons why our society thinks 'marriage' is important!

Wedding blues? Top 10 reasons why our society thinks 'marriage' is important!
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Have you just entered the so-called marriageable age? Well, who decides that, this remains a 'big' question. Our Indian society is often seen giving you ample reasons (which are sometimes weird) for getting married. There may be one reasons enough for you to not walk down the aisle, but the so-called custodians of culture will list out as many as thousand lucrative reasons for you to tie the knot. Today we give out the most common yet ridiculous reasons cited by your relatives/ friends in order to set you in matrimony.

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Check out the reasons, and have a big laugh:

1. You are turning 30 (means you are too old now, no one will marry you). Period.

2. The guy is really rich, implying that you must pounce on the opportunity asap.

3. What's wrong with you? Are you not interested in girls. Marry the next best option available without blinking an eyelid.

4. Everyone in your group of friends is married, so it is mandatory that you too settle down.

5. Your younger cousin has married, and she is happy and flourishing. And your folks consider her putting on weight as flourishing. Really?

6. After a certain age, you can't have kids. Marry now!

7. Our society doesn't accept this. You can't remain single all your life.

8. You need a partner, who will stay with you forever. (Nothing is for keeps, by the way!)

9. You have a settled job so now get married. Whoa!

10. Finally, when your relatives can't convince you, this is what they will do. Look at your parents, aren't you ashamed of putting them through this. Get married, else we find you a match of our choice.



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