Wedding special: Unconventional things you can do post marriage

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Wedding special: Unconventional things you can do post marriage
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Mumbai: With all the preparations, rituals and functions, wedding can take a toll on the bride and groom. According to the historic culture, the newlyweds are expected to go on a honeymoon.

The significance is attached to the honeymoon because the period is the best time for the bride and groom to explore and know each other well. 

However there may be instances where a honeymoon is not possible immediately. In such times, we bring to you some unconventional approaches you can embrace to make the after-wedding period special.

- How about a 2 day adventure?

They say your life partner can transform every weakness into strength. Don’t believe it? Take up a small adventure activity- hiking, horse riding, sky diving, scuba diving or parasailing. Get over your fear of height or water phobia with the help from your partner. In the process discover your partner!

-A movie marathon never disappoints

Movies are the best ice breakers! Discussions on your favourite flicks never run out. Once the two of you decide upon the kind of films to watch, start with the movie marathon right away. You will be surprised to see your husband shed tears in an emotional scene or your wife being another ‘Batman-Joker’ lover. The kind of movies that your spouse will select will say a lot about her/her personality. Notice the different kind of emotional levels that will emerge during the marathon. 

-Legal things and all that

Collect all the important legal documents like passport, driving license, PAN card, birth certificates and so on and file it together. Keeping the documents together will be of great help, the next time you require them. 

-Be a ‘noble’ couple

As the cliché saying goes, a person’s character is defined by the way he/she treats a person who is insignificant to him/her. Involving yourselves in a noble service as a couple will give you an insight into your partner’s character. Giving party to your friends and family post wedding is what everyone usually does. How about giving a treat in an orphanage or an old-age home or maybe just inviting less privileged kids to your house for dinner? The amount of blessings and love you will receive in return will be in abundance! 

-Play a game

Playing games is a fun way to know each other. Games like strip scrabble where for every 50 points your partner strips or Ultimate Tease where your partner becomes a statue and you have the liberty to do anything or personalized love jenga or simply a game of truth and dare!

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