Welsh people make excuses for littering

London: A survey has found that more than half of people in Wales are still making excuses for dropping litter.

The research by Keep Wales Tidy found that while 56 percent of people claim it is never acceptable to drop litter, more than half of the population still do.

According to those surveyed, litter has the most negative impact on the look and feel of communities, and dog mess is the most unpopular form of litter with the public.

“We believe that a cleaner Wales can only be achieved by changing people’s attitudes so that they are less likely to engage in littering behaviour,” the BBC quoted Lesley Jones, chief executive of Keep Wales Tidy, as saying.

“This research is invaluable to us in understanding those attitudes,” Jones stated.

Keep Wales Tidy said 70 million pounds is spent each year clearing litter, and the research revealed that those who admit littering streets do not think they will be caught despite fines ranging from 75 pounds to 300 pounds.

Keep Wales Tidy has launched a campaign asking individuals and businesses to pledge to look after their local environment.