What is this country that I live in? asks Farhan Akhtar

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The latest in a series of Bollywood personalities to speak up against the Delhi gang-rape is actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar.

The incident mentioned is about the young woman who was gang-raped in a bus in South Delhi on Sunday night while returning from Munirka to Dwarka.

In a tweet, aided by TwitLonger in order to exceed the 140-character limitation set by the social networking site, @FarOutAkhtar (the actor’s twitter name) posted a moving poem that stirred the readers.

The poem goes as follows:

“What is this country that I live in?
With no equality
And the quality of life
Differs from husband to wife
Boy to girl, brother to sister
Hey Mister, are you the same?
Contributing to the national shame
Replacing your mothers
With the bent ideology of another`s
perception that women have a particular role in society
Fills my heart with anxiety
Where is all of this going?
What will emerge from these seeds that we`re sowing?
It makes my head spin
But I`m not giving in
Will keep asking the question
What is this country that I live in?

What is this country that I live in?
That takes away her right to love
Brutalises her with an iron glove
Rapes her without fear
of there being justice for her tear
We`ve demeaned our goddesses
Gone back on all our promises
Become a gender distorted nation
Given our conscience a permanent vacation
what do I tell my daughter?
That she`s growing up to be lamb for the slaughter
we`ve got to make a change
Reboot, reformat, rearrange,
and never give in
no matter how much our head may spin
Just keep asking the question
What is this country that I live in?”

Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have already come forward to vent their ire with the issue, but Farhan’s two stanzas have put the issue in a greater humanitarian and nationalistic perspective.

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