What luck does 10/10/10 hold for you?

London: If you want to confess love to someone or waiting for result of your dream job’s interview, Sunday may be the day to test your good fortune.

As the tenth day, of the tenth month, of the tenth year, October 10, 2010, has been hailed as one of the luckiest of the century.

Numerologists have claimed that the row of ``perfect tens`` symbolises not just a once in a 100 years quirk of the calendar, but a ``powerful moment of rebirth``.

However, the date has also sparked fears that a computer virus could be released causing technological havoc.

Register offices are opening specially to conduct Sunday weddings and according to some estimates 31, 050 couples will marry - 10 times as many as on an average Sunday.

Couples have also planned to have their babies delivered by Caesarean that day, in the hope that some of the day’s luck rubs off on their newborn.

Many Las Vegas hotels are offering special 10.10.10 wedding packages and in China, the most popular ceremony slots, which fall between 10am and 10.10am, were snapped up months ago.

Others have the good fortune to celebrate their 10th birthday on the trinumeral-a date in which the day, month and year align.

Elsewhere in the world, mothers-to-be have scheduled their C-sections for tomorrow - a move that will make their child’s birthday extra easy to remember.

In Dubai, one hospital has allowed ten women to choose the date for their Caesarean births.

Sonia Ducie, author of ‘Numerology: Your Personal Guide For Life’, said the number 10 has powerful properties - made all the more potent by repetition.

"Ten is the number for wisdom, because it contains the essence of all the numbers of one to nine within it," a news daily quoted her as saying.

"And the number one, which features three times in tomorrow’s date, is all about focus, new direction, raw energy and rebirth.

"It’s the perfect day to decide to go for a job interview because having all these number ones behind you will help achieve your goal," she added.

But not everyone believes tomorrow will be lucky, with the Internet awash with fears that a computer virus could strike.

IT experts, however, say, that 10.10.10 is no more risky than any other day.



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