What makes the Ultimate Horror Movie?

London: A survey of more than 5,000 film fans has revealed that the Ultimate Horror Movie would merge Regan from ‘The Exorcist’ with ‘The Shining’.

In the poll, fans were asked to pick their favourite elements from scary films to mark Halloween.

Linda Blair`s 1973 role as possessed Regan pipped Halloween`s Jamie Lee Curtis as the best horror victim while Jack Nicholson`s "Here`s Johnny!" catchphrase as crazed caretaker Jack Torrance won best one-liner with 23 per cent of votes.

‘The Shining’, a hit in 1980, also had the scariest location with The Overlook Hotel.

The chest-bursting scene in 1979 science fiction horror Alien was named the most frightening scene of all time.

Janet Leigh`s ear-piercing shrieks during the Psycho shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock`s hit 1960 movie is top film sound effect, according to fans.

"It`s clear that the classics remain the best," the Sun quoted Fliss White, of Lovefilm.com who ran the poll, as saying.