What not to say to someone considering divorce

What not to say to someone considering divorce
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New York: You might have a habit of giving advice to people, but sometimes they can be frustrating especially if your friends are thinking of getting divorced. Avoid words like "everything heals with time" or "work it out" as they can definitely do without them.

Here's what to avoid, reports huffingtonpost.com.

* The worst thing you can do is suggest they can "work it out" with their spouse. That's not always the case and they're probably already past that stage.

* "Everything heals with time" is the most frustrating advice of all. It makes you feel like there's some sort of timetable for feeling better and moving on after a split and there really isn't. 

* Don't say "You're so strong! You'll get over this and move on". 

* Telling them that "you're confident their former spouse will protect them financially" is a bad idea. Unfortunately, that's a rarity.

* Don't pass judgement or exhaust the person with questions, just shut up and listen. They'll make the decision they need to make when they're ready.

* "Stay, no matter what", would have to be the worst advice.

* Don't tell them they'll be so much happier after the divorce. You can't be sure of that.

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