What`s under the hat? Hair tips for women

London: Even if you`re wearing the most elaborate and stylish hat for a day out at a race course, it`s important to emphasise on your hairstyle so as to not kill the look.

Celebrity hairstylist Paul Edmonds, who has over 30 years in the industry, explains the must haves hair tips that one should try before stepping out with your hats on, reportedly.

* Hair normally looks better worn back and away from the face, especially if it your hat has a large brim.

* If your hair is long and you want a simple quick hairdo, try putting your hair in a low ponytail and split the hair behind the band down the middle and pass the tail through itself and pull tight to get a soft, rolled up look.

* Long hair can also be plated and finished with a binding of ribbon.

* If you have shorter hair, tuck the sides back or leave them out until the hat is on and then fold them back and grip under the hat.

* Always practice wearing a hat before the occasion as panic does not help give a great style.

* If all else fails, get a professional blow-dry.

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