What your handshake says about you

Washington: There are several ways in which you can get to know about a person through their handshake.

According to AskMen, a weak handshake screams a frail inner core. The firmness of your grasp helps someone determine your inner circuitry - your character, or lack thereof, the Fox News reported.

During an interview, the employer uses quite a few tactics to decide if a person is fit for work, and the handshake is usually a litmus test right at the beginning.

A handshake with too much power is judged just as callously as a delicate shake, if not more so.

When someone shakes too hard or for too long, it indicates negative excess or overcompensation. It makes some speculate what the death grip is compensating for.

A person should radiate confidence when shaking hands with the woman of his life. There is a sense of confidence, security and trustworthiness in a firm and balanced handshake. A woman desires the good qualities that go hand-in-hand with an assured grasp.

People should practice their handshake whenever they get a chance. Even the act of extending your hand first implies confidence. People should turn to their friends to ask for feedback.

A poor shake can influence the kind of man you can or will become, therefore it is imperative to develop, improve and refine the assuredness of your handshake.


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