When Brad Pitt accidentally raised funds for charity

London: Actor Brad Pitt donated 700 pounds to a charity when he accidentally gate-crashed the event while shooting for a movie.

Pitt, 48, was shooting for Zombie movie ‘World War Z’ in Dorset when he stumbled upon one mother`s fundraiser.

But the 48-year-old actor made sure that Karley Gallagher`s charity event wasn`t overshadowed by his appearance and donated 700 pounds of his own money, as well as getting the crew to chip in an additional 40 pounds.

He not only donated the amount but also signed postcards, which would help in raising funds.

"I was grinning from ear to ear. What he did for us was just incredible. It was a very generous and a sympathetic gesture from him," a website has quoted Gallagher as saying.

Gallagher had organised the event to raise funds for hospital unit that treated her baby son Zachary, who was born with gastroschisis problem. She feared that nobody would show up after locals rushed to try and catch a glimpse of Pitt.

But the actor not only made the event a success by donating himself, he has also promised to send a further donation from the bulk of the film crew in Los Angeles when he returned to Hollywood.