When Jennifer Lopez felt like Angelina Jolie

Los Angeles: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says when she was married to singer Marc Anthony she felt like actress Angelina Jolie.

Lopez, who has six-year-old twins Max and Emme, with her ex-husband, loved spending with his other children, Ariana, 20, Cristian, 13, and Ryan, 10, from previous relationships because it gave her a sense of what life must be like for Jolie, who has three adopted and three biological children with fiance Brad Pitt, reportedly.

"When I was married to Marc, he had two boys, a girl and a stepson so there was four - (with the twins) there was six. When we went out, it was like Angelina and Brad. We had that flavour and I loved it," Lopez was quoted by New York City radio station Sirius XM as saying.

Lopez, who previously admitted she is a strict mother, is teaching her children to be charitable because she doesn`t want them to grow up spoilt.

"They`re growing up so differently than me. I grew up in the Bronx - we shared a bed until we were 16 and it was so different. (Emme) and (Max) have their own rooms; we live in a big house. When we go to grandma`s house, they`re like, `Grandma`s house is small.`

"It occurs to them that this is different, so my whole thing is about teaching them to be aware of the world and realising that we are in a position now that we can help other people."

"I`m like, `You realise that you don`t just throw food out -- we eat food and if we don`t want it, we don`t ask for it.` I`m always trying to put that in their minds. We`re in a different position and we have to be more giving," she said.

Anthony and Lopez got married in 2004 and recently reached a divorce settlement almost three years after they announced their split.