When Russell threw a log at Prince Andrew

Updated: May 11, 2010, 20:25 PM IST

London: Russell Crowe shocked his co-stars on the set of ‘Robin Hood’ when he threw a log at visiting royal Prince Andrew, who is the second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

The prince was visiting the set of Sir Ridley Scott`s film in Windsor Great Park - part of the royal family`s land - when Crowe threw a log prop at the prince to prove the royal heir is just a normal "bloke".

"I`m happy he caught the log. It was an instinctive thing - it`s like when you are playing sport. I threw it where he had the best possible chance of catching it. The thing is, if I`d thrown it too hard I`d have made a complete jerk of myself, and it wasn`t about doing that.

"It was about showing a group of Englishmen, who were a little bit overawed with their prince being there, that`s he`s a bloke and is ready for a bit of fun," The Daily Express quoted Crowe as telling Live magazine.

Crowe was charmed after meeting the prince.

"I really liked him. He`s smart, knowledgeable and very inquisitive. He told a funny story too. He said, `I was having dinner with my mother, and I asked her if it was appropriate that I wear a suit when visiting the film set`."

"And his mother, who is the Queen after all, said, ``No Andrew, if you turn up in a suit people will think you`re a ninny (fool).`` Whatever I thought I knew about him changed completely. He was charming," he said.