When `The Collection` actress fainted on set

Updated: Dec 07, 2012, 15:02 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Emma Fitzpatrick, who plays a pivotal role in upcoming psycho thriller `The Collection`, fainted while shooting a scene, which involved dead bodies.

According to sources, the smell of latex, fake blood and dead bodies freaked her out and she had a blackout while shooting the scene, said to be one of the most intense ones in the movie.

"We had sort of built up for the scene during the day and I was mentally preparing myself. The smell of latex and fake blood really freaked me out. I am squeamish about those things," Fitzpatrick said in a statement.

"I think it was scarier being in it than watching a horror film," she added.

Directed by Marcus Dunstan of "Piranha 3DD" fame, the movie is about a girl who is kidnapped by psycho thriller in a hotel room. The movie will release in India Dec 14.