Who will win the 10mn fan mark on Facebook – Obama or Lady Gaga?

Washington: Lady Gaga is now US President Barack Obama’s fiercest competitor – in the number of fans on Facebook.

The US president and the pop phenomenon are deadlocked in a competition to become the first living person to hit the record-busting 10-million fan mark on Facebook.

On Friday, Lady Gaga’s 9,126,024 fans had surpassed the president’s 9,104,015.

While Obama’s page lists ‘Basketball, writing, and spending time with kids’ as President Obama’s interests, ‘Sportscenter’ as his favorite television show and ‘Michelle Obama’ as a favourite page, Lady Gaga ’s page lists her upcoming concerts and includes an article about her rise to fame.

This is not the first time the two have engaged in a competition for public attention, though. They were seen at a dinner for LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC, where the President Obama spoke and Lady Gaga performed.

“It’s a privilege to be here tonight to open for Lady Gaga…I’ve made it,” Fox News quoted Obama as saying.

The following day at a gay rights rally on the West Front of the Capitol, Lady Gaga yelled, “Obama, I know that you’re listening. Are you listening? We will continue to push you and your administration to bring your words of promise to a reality. We need change now.”



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