Why a woman’s work is never done

London: British women spend more than three weeks on household chores each year, a new research has found.

The study revealed that more than 40 per cent get less than an hour of “me time” a week, using so-called free time ironing, washing and dusting, reports the Daily Express.

On average, women stop doing housework at 8pm. Add in a full-time job and they are working 50 hours per week.

Four in 10 feel guilty if they leave their house untidy and 92 per cent multi-task, doing several chores at once, the report said.

More than 10 per cent spend four hours a day on household tasks, equal to two months a year, research by electronics company Philips PerfectCare found.

Half of women say lack of time is the main obstacle to keeping the home clean and tidy, with misbehaving children coming second.


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