Why women in their 20s rush into marriage

Washington: For women who get hitched in their 20s, divorcing in the first couple of years has become a common pattern now, and most of them go through this horrifying phase even before hitting 30.

While the factors behind every relationship’s downfall are different, the underlying impetus behind marriage is similar for some of the women.

For women, who maintain a comfortable long-term relationship in their 20s, the next logical step is to get hitched, mainly because they find it convenient.

Madison, a 29 year-old accountant from New Jersey admitted to marrying even though she didn’t feel ‘crazy love’, because was ‘content and secure instead’, Huffington Post quoted her as telling.

Many times it is a previous relationship, which leaves a woman heartbroken and propels them to marry ‘Mr Wrong’.

They say you never really get over your first love.

“I didn’t think I would ever fall in love again so I figured it didn’t matter who I married,” said Tara, a 26 year-old freelance writer from North Carolina.

There are many women who take the decision of getting married simply because they hope that marriage would change things.

For instance, Casey, a 35 year-old travel correspondent thought that once she settled into newlywed bliss, her ex-husband would be happier with his own life, will be able to hold a steady job and show her more affection.

However, in due course Casey, who married at 24, found her ex husband “immature and insecure”.

Then there are instances when women hasten to tie the nuptial knot apparently because of low self-esteem.

“I was a very insecure individual at that time. I was losing weight from gastric bypass surgery and wasn’t happy with my appearance. He told me I couldn’t do any better and I believed him,” said Kim, a 30 year-old social worker.

There is not one main reason, which can be blamed for getting married. There are women who had a clue that their marriages were not meant to be but still went ahead with it anyway.

These interviews were conducted for the book ‘Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s’.


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