Woman loves her 38KKK record setting boobs ‘like her kids’

Melbourne: A woman who has claimed that her record setting 38KKK breasts saved her life, by acting as air bags during a car accident, has revealed the struggles she faces with her chest and the operations she underwent to get it.

Sheyla Hershey had eventually started out as a B-cup, but 13 years and 22 operations; worth 250,000 dollars and five litres of saline later she has become a whopping KKK.

Despite not being able to find clothes that fit, tie her shoelaces or jog, she says she still loves her breasts “like they are my kids”.

“They are the most good thing in my life,” Herald Sun quoted her as telling on a TV program ‘My Strange Addiction’.

Hershey said that she went under the knife in Brazil because Texas law limits the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants.

Hershey has 2.51 litres of silicone in each breast.