Woman obsessed with texting has kept all 100,000 messages she received

London: A woman obsessed with text messaging has revealed that she has kept every one of the 100,000 messages she’s received since her first in 1999.

Tracey Moberly, 47, can document her life through the messages, from the breakdown of her marriage to a poignant moment of connection with her father after his death.

And she has only ever deleted one text - her first - and swore never to get rid of another one.

She has now saved around 10,000-pounds-worth of messages, writing them down of scraps of paper when her phone ran out of storage space and transferring them to 30 journals.

“People are so honest in texts - I love that I can document everyday conversations and they will last forever,” the Daily Mail quoted Moberly, an artist who has now published her text conversations as a book, as saying.

“Some people think I’m obsessive, writing down every message I receive, but I love looking back at old messages.

“It’s like keeping a diary. All my friends say they wish they had kept important texts or ones, which meant a lot to them.

“I’m lucky that I can go back to reading those messages any time I want,” she added.

Moberly owns messages from celebrity author Howard Marks, artist Banksy and musician Pete Doherty. Yet her most treasured are those that tell a story - be it funny, surprising or meaningful.


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