Woman wins men’s dream ‘mud baths and sexy models’ vacation!

Melbourne: A contestant has won the ultimate dream vacation for a man - sexy wake up calls from models, mud wrestling, massages by lovely women –only the contestant is a woman.

Deodorant maker Lynx ran the Lynx Lodge contest offering a stay at a resort set to open next month at Lake Macquarie as a dream come true for most men.

The winner, although ‘very happy’ with her win, hasn’t said if she will really appreciate being pampered by sexy women all day.

Competition organisers today confirmed that the female entrant had been randomly selected as the winner.

“A lot of women shop and buy Lynx products for their husbands, sons, brothers and fathers. So the likelihood a women would win the competition was very high,” News.com.au quoted a spokesperson for Lynx as saying.

“Often people win these competitions that might not be exactly what everyone would think. From our point of view we think it’s great - it was a fun prize and we think she will have a great time,” the spokesperson said.