Woman with low libido books hookers for partner so he would not cheat

London: A woman, who was worried her partner would cheat on her because of her low libido, has revealed she booked prostitutes for him so that he would be sexually satisfied and stay faithful to her.

Tia, 29, decided to let her partner Gary, 28, sleep with prostitutes after reading about the many celebrities who cheated on their gorgeous wives and partners.

Gary from Sevenoaks, Kent, who has been with Tia for three years, found the change in their sex life hard and became frustrated.

"My libido started to lag about a year ago because I was doing three jobs as a cleaner, shop assistant and caterer," the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

"When Gary and I first met our sex life was amazing. We would have sex at least twice a day, wherever and whenever we could. But in the past year my libido has completely disappeared.

"I knew Gary wasn`t getting as much sex as he wanted and I was worried he would go and have an affair. The last thing I wanted was for Gary to leave me and find someone else.

"You read about all these celebrities and footballers who cheat on their wives and the thought terrified me so I came up with a plan that worked for us both," she revealed.

So in May 2010 Tia approached Gary with her idea. She would allow him to sleep with prostitutes in order to satisfy his sex drive.

"Gary was shocked when I first suggested it. But I talked him round. I knew that sex with prostitutes would be just that. Sex," she said.

"There would be no emotion involved. After all, these girls are only doing it for the money and escorts have to use contraception so I wasn`t worried about STDs.

"To me, it was the simplest way to solve our current situation," she stated.

Tia went a step further by booking the prostitutes for Gary, a mechanic, and he has been sleeping with them for over a year and thinks it is the best decision they have ever made.

"I have a really high libido and it`s awful to feel like I`m pestering my own girlfriend to have sex with me," Gary said.

"The situation isn`t ideal but it works for us. Hopefully it`s just a temporary arrangement until she gets her sex drive back.

"I`d rather be with my Tia than any of the girls I`ve paid for," he added.


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