Women anually spend 5 days in front of the mirror

London: It is a known fact that men keep waiting for their better halves while they perfect their looks before a night out.

Now, a new UK research has revealed that the time the average woman spends beautifying herself in front of the mirror amounts to five days a year, the Daily Mail reports.

It was found that British women used enough lipstick each day to draw a line from London to New York, on top of 880 gallons (4,000 litres) of foundation and more than 16million sweeps of the mascara wand.

Almost 40 percent said that they would not consider leaving the house without make-up, while 19 percent would rather spend less on food than slash their beauty budget, with one in four saying cosmetics were an essential rather than a luxury.

Women spend an average of 653.64 pounds a year on beauty products, more than 43,000 pounds in a lifetime, and 53 percent say that the recession has had little or no impact on their purchasing patterns.

Londoners are most likely to splash out, spending more than 955 pounds on an average, while those in the North West spend the least 567 pounds. The total annual outlay is 16billion pounds

“Whether it’s a slick of lipstick before the office party or a new skin regime after the winter blues, beauty products have the power to make people feel good about themselves,” Kate James, head of buying for QVC Beauty, the TV channel that interviewed 1,000 women for the survey, said.

‘With more disposable income, modern women are savvier beauty shoppers than ever, getting the best prices from their products and learning the best ways to use them before anything even touches their skin,” she added.