Women don’t mind overweight men as long as their wallets are fat

London: A recent study has discovered a formula for calculating how much more money a man needs to earn if he gains weight to flatter the same type of women.

Economist Pierre-Andre Chiappori of the Columbia University found out that every ten percent increase in the Body Mass Index of men accounts to an increase by two percent in their salary to keep dating the partners of the same level.

In his paper ‘Fatter Attraction’ he has written that single people use physical and socio economic attractiveness as the main criteria while choosing a partner whereas other factors such as the sense of humor are of less importance.

The survey of 667 white American couples by the Panel Study for Income Dynamics found that not only men but also even women prefer slim and wealthy partner to fat or poor ones.

Despite finding a formula to solve the problem, the professor still thinks that it is always easier to change your BMI.

“It’s easier to change your BMI than it is to change your salary or education level,” the Daily Mail quoted him as telling the New York Post.


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