Women dress up to impress each other

London: A survey has found that the myth that women spend hours in front of a mirror to impress their men is nowhere true, as most dress up to impress their peers.

A poll of 2,000 by Simple skincare found two thirds dress up to encourage compliments from other women, and six out of ten, aged between 18 and 30, said they had their girlfriends in mind when they chose what to wear.

More than a quarter said the most genuine compliments they received came from women they don’t know – not men.

“There is an assumption that women go all out to impress the opposite sex, but this research has revealed this isn’t always the case,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Simple skincare as saying.

“The fact that so many women care about what their peers think of their appearance is only natural.

“On the whole, women are much more in the know when it comes to clothes, make-up and style, so it’s not a surprise that girls go out to impress other women as opposed to men,” the spokesman said.

In the survey, more than half of women say they have never got themselves “dolled up” purely to snare a man and 22 percent claim a man’s opinion doesn’t matter to them at all.

And 48 percent of women polled actually prefer to get a compliment from a female stranger as opposed to a man.

“Appearance is obviously important to women – they want to look good at all times. It’s nice to know that girls are out to impress their peers and it’s not all about the opposite sex,” the Simple spokesman added.


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