Women go for wimps when times are really hard

London: Hollywood heartthrobs Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are ideal type of men women look when they are in distress.

A new study has revealed that women tend to favour fine-featured feminine men over strong silent types if they are under financial problems, reports the Daily Mail.

It is thought that gentler men are seen as good providers and so a better bet for riding out the economic storm. In other words, wimps are the winners during a credit crunch.

The researchers set out to see whether money troubles and health worries affect the type of man a woman finds attractive.

For the study 65 young women were given questionnaires to fill in.

Some, such as intelligence, muscularity and confidence, were linked to men regarded as having good genetic material.

Others, such as being a good provider, and kind, warm and nurturing were chosen because they were seen as signs of a man being father material.

Overall, the women put more emphasis on the ‘good dad’ traits.

Those primed to worry about their finances showed the least interest in the macho men, according to the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

This, according to the Australian researchers, suggests that when money is short women are attracted to gentler types, who are seen as good providers and more likely to stick around when times are tough.

The macho men, however, were most attractive to the women made to worry about their health.



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