Women hide £217mn from their partners to spend on themselves!

London: A survey has revealed that women have a 217million pounds fortune stashed away in “handbag funds” to spend on themselves.

The study of 1,000 women found that one woman in 10 has an average of 87 pounds hidden from their partner, which they plan to splash on their dream handbag.

Others have secret caches for all sorts of shopping treats, according to a report published by Skipton building society.

“Everybody has a savings aspiration, be it a deposit on a new home, a gadget, a mini-break or a shopping treat,” the Daily Express quoted Tracy Fletcher of the firm as saying.

The also found that one in 20 are putting cash aside for a “boob job” or other form of plastic surgery.

And a similar number have a big night out planned with the girls, while eight per cent have their eye on a special pair of shoes.


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