Women in Delhi-NCR prefer shopping online for home products: Survey

Women in the Delhi-NCR are contributing 15 per cent of the home products sales online

IANS| Updated: Jul 16, 2016, 17:09 PM IST
Women in Delhi-NCR prefer shopping online for home products: Survey
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New Delhi: Women in the Delhi-NCR are contributing 15 per cent of the home products sales online, a new survey revealed on Saturday, adding that women are now purchasing more advanced products like dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and washing machines online.

Conducted by etailer Flipkart that has 75 million-strong consumer base for over a year looking into the buying preferences of people in Delhi-NCR, the findings revealed 20 per cent growth in its home product category, with women playing a major role.

The sale of advanced home products has grown by 35 per cent in the last one year.

“Shopping online is more comprehensive in comparison to real-time marketing. One can order in between work hours without worrying about delivery. Also, availability of various options, easy exchange policies and offers make online shopping more easier and it is growing,” Amitesh Jha, Vice-President Home, Flipkart, told IANS.

While the sale of mops has grown over 60 per cent in the last one year, cook-ware products have seen over 20 per cent growth. 

Knife blocks have seen a growth of 40 per cent while plastic products are contributing 25 per cent sales.

“This trend is not only common among the working, independent women but has also picked up among homemakers who have become digitally active,” Jha added.

The study reveals that people are eager to reduce their dependency on plumbers, carpenters, electricians and others to get simple jobs done. They prefer buying DIY (Do It Yourself) tool kits which also enable them become new-age crafters.

“Homes are turning into a reflection of one’s personality triggered by beliefs, practices, hobbies, aesthetic values and choice of life, consumers now prefer to purchase products that reflect their personality,” stated Jha.

For interior decoration, people prefer colorful and multi-purpose products to ensure the room is presentable at all times. Cookware that serves as serve ware in variations of colours and designs such as red, neon green, yellow and orange have seen a significant rise.

“Consumers are now shifting from being only price conscious to being more conscious of value for money. They are willing to pay a premium for better quality products,” Jha mentioned.

Carpet sales are contributing 15 per cent of home furnishings on Flipkart while readymade curtains have seen a spike of 10-12 per cent in the last one year.