Women spend 20 mins planning whether or not to have desserts in public!

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2011, 18:17 PM IST

London: Women can spend up to 20 minutes planning whether or not to have puddings at restaurants, as they are too self conscious to order a dessert, a study found.

Since they do not want to be branded “unhealthy,” they spend a lot of time deciding whether to have pudding.

According to the survey done on 3,000 Britons by Crown Carveries, men don’t think twice about wading into a calorie-packed pudding, which helps 60 per cent of women who prefer to share the dessert with them.

Meanwhile six out of 10 said that they felt it was difficult to get traditional desserts, with many fearing that they were dying out.

“It was really interesting to see so many traditional puddings appearing high on the list of men’s favourites, the Daily Express quoted Chris Brewer of Crown Carveries as saying.

“Perhaps our taste buds have come full circle as we search for a bit of nostalgia on pudding plates,” he added.