Women spend more than a year’s salary to fight wrinkles

London: A survey has found that women spend more than 24,000 pounds on wrinkle-banishing creams and treatments over the course of a lifetime.

The figure actually exceeds their average annual pay packet, which is just less than 20,000 pounds.

Despite this expenditure, 45 percent admit they are unhappy with the results of their anti-ageing routines, revealed the poll of 3,000 women.

The survey carried out by the Transform group of cosmetic surgery clinics also uncovered that two in five spend between 30 pounds and 50 pounds a month on products that will keep them looking young.

Only a handful – seven per cent – said they were prepared to grow old gracefully and embrace the ageing process without some form of treatment.

“Our research shows that while daughters feel close to their mums throughout their lives, once they reach their adult years they are saddened by the thought that they are almost certainly going to age in exactly the same way,” the Daily Mail quoted Transform spokesman Shami Thomas as saying.


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